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Building renovation and hazard prevention

Municipal co-financing for the renovation of residential buildings and promotion of energy efficiency

On 29 May 2020, at the meeting of the Riga City Municipality Interim Administration, new binding regulations providing for municipal assistance for hazard prevention and improvement of energy efficiency in residential buildings in Riga were adopted.

The binding regulations lay down the procedure by which the Municipality grants co-financing for the renovation of residential buildings located in the administrative territory of Riga if they were, in terms of their technical condition, to be considered dangerous. The regulations also provide for co-financing for the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings.

The amount of the municipal co-financing is fixed at 50% of the total eligible project costs, with up to EUR 30,000 for hazard prevention works and up to EUR 5,000 for the development of the relevant construction project. For energy efficiency projects, it shall not exceed EUR 50,000 for the construction work and EUR 1,000 for the development of the construction project.

The binding regulations will create preconditions for prevention of the degradation of residential buildings, which is dangerous to human life and health. The regulations will also encourage the adaptation of residential buildings built in the 20th century to modern energy efficiency requirements. The municipal support programme will also be useful for owners who are unable to finance all the renovations at once, thus allowing them to carry out the renovations gradually.

The regulations have been drawn up on the basis of the Law on Assistance in Solving Apartment Matters, which delegates the Municipality the right to determine, in accordance with these binding regulations, the procedure for providing the above-mentioned assistance. The proportion of 20th century residential houses in Riga is very high and their renovation requires a targeted Municipality programme to meet the requirements laid down in the Construction Law. By providing the planned support, the Municipality will be able to promote gradual renovation of the housing fund, thereby improving the quality of life of its residents and contributing to the mitigation of contributors to climate change, as well as energy saving.

The programme will be managed by the Riga City Council’s Property Department, whereas decisions within the programme will be made by the Riga City Council’s Committee on Buildings Degrading the Environment.

The call for tenders for municipal co-financing for the renovation of residential buildings is planned for autumn this year.


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