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Submit your documents for replacement/verification of water metering devices in a proper way


We urge you to replace or verify your individual water metering devices (WMD) and submit the replacement act and meter certificates on time. The Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 1013* states that they must be replaced or verified by the end of their verification period.


After your WMD is replaced/verified, we ask you to submit documents in a proper way so that the data in the system is duly changed. For this purpose, please:

  1. Take a separate photo of the replacement proof and certificates – one document as one attachment (it is not allowed to have both the replacement proof and WMS certificates on a single photo). You can use a free-of-charge application such as Adobe Scan to take photos of your documents in PDF format;
  2. Make sure that the information in the replacement proof and WMS certificates is clearly legible;
  3. Before you attach the files to your e-mail, make sure that they are in one of the following formats – .pdf, .jpg, jpeg, .bmp or .png (other formats are not allowed);
  4. Attach all files in the same e-mail. Documents for WMD replacement/verification will not be accepted if they are sent separately, nor they can be archived (.zip or .7z) or placed in a folder, or uploaded to any data storage websites (e.g.,, Google Drive etc.);
  5. Before you send your e-mail, make sure that all documents are attached!

Please, submit WMD replacement documents in a timely manner! WMD replacement/verification proofs and WMD certificates must be submitted:

  • by sending to email, providing a phone number to contact you;
  • by leaving documents in the appropriate post-box at any RNP Customer Service Centre, providing a phone number to contact you;
  • by sending documents by mail to the legal address of “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks”– Aleksandra Čaka iela 42, Riga, LV-1011.

Documents submitted to RNP by the 15th of each month for replaced or verified WMD will be available in the database system in the next meter reading submission period!


If WMD are not replaced or verified:

  • It is not possible to submit monthly WMD readings;
  • Water consumption is calculated and billed according to the norm set out in Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 1013, paragraph 19;
  • A water consumption difference is calculated and billed – the water consumption difference for a tenant must not exceed the water consumption norm for one inhabitant, as set out in Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 4**, and the remaining part of the water consumption difference is distributed among all the tenants of the apartment building, including the tenant who has not replaced or verified the WMD.

Tenants can request the replacement of WMD from any certified company that performs WMD verification/replacement. Some of these companies offer to submit WMD replacement documents to the manager for an additional fee. Unfortunately, RNP is currently recording dozens of cases where acts addressed to other house managers have been delivered to RNP. This means that the meters of these Riga residents will not be recorded by the manager and can cause problems in submitting readings, so we urge you to make sure that the acts have reached the manager if you have entrusted their submission to the meter replacement company.


* Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.1013 “Procedure for the Accounting of Services Related to the Use of Apartment Units by Apartment Owners in Multi-Apartment Buildings”

** Riga City Municipality Regulations No. 4 “Regulations of Public Water Supply Contracts, the Procedure for Their Conclusion, Amendment, and Termination”