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On water consumption

Readings may be submitted in 5 different ways:

  1. By submitting a completed specialised water meter reading slip and dropping it in a box intended for the submission of water meter readings;
  2. In the vortal WITHOUT REGISTRATION, providing only invoice details. See the instructions – here;
  3. In the vortal WITH REGISTRATION as the apartment owner or tenant. See the instructions – here;
  4. By sending a SMS. See the instructions – here;
  5. In self-service kiosks at the customer service centres of SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks”*.

*Clients can access the kiosks in Brīvības iela 49/53, Brīvības gatve 430A, Mārtiņa iela 7 (2 kiosks), Maskavas iela 168, Pārslas iela 10, Tilta iela 11 k-1, and in Zebiekstes iela 8 (2 kiosks) in Riga.