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For current clients

House management and administration

SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” provides management and administration services for apartment buildings in accordance with the principles of good management and the applicable laws and regulations. The company ensures:

  • maintenance of the common areas and adjacent territory;
  • maintenance and improvement of the technical condition of the house;
  • collection of monthly bills from service providers (water, heating, waste collection, etc.) and invoicing the clients;
  • maintenance and implementation of modern technologies for customer service;
  • etc.

We also provide services to residential buildings not managed by SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” – New Clients.

ATTENTION! In order to receive the requested paid service, the client must provide unrestricted access to the relevant utilities and installations at the property. If access is not provided by the client, the Company reserves the right to refuse to provide the paid service.

The apartment owner can request services:

Paid services:

Consultation by a specialist on-site
Services Unit Price with VAT (EUR)
On-site visit and consultation Call 14,35
Preparation of a report on flooding of a residential property* Report 15,37
Preparation of a report on damages unrelated to flooding of a residential property Report 15,49
*If the flooding has occurred due to a damage to the water supply or sewage system of another residential property or careless use of the water supply system.
Plumbing services
Services Unit Price with VAT (EUR)
Disconnecting (draining) and connecting (filling) the water mains in the apartment pcs 25,26
Invoice delivery and preparation
Services Unit Price with VAT (EUR)
Monthly invoice delivery by post (includes postal services) pcs 2,42
Preparation of separate (split) invoices for joint apartment owners. pcs 1,33
Issuing a parking permit
Services Unit Price with VAT (EUR)
For an individual for one vehicle 9,99
For a legal entity for one vehicle 15,00