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Stabu iela 71

On 11 January 2021, the owners of the apartments at Stabu iela 71, Riga, made a joint decision on participation of the building at Stabu iela 71, Riga, in the tender “Riga City Municipality Co- financing for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in 2021” and authorised SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” to draw up and submit documents on behalf of the owners, in accordance with the tender rules.

The building at Stabu iela 71, Riga, is an architectural monument of local significance and forms part of the urban monument of national significance – the Historical Centre of Riga, and of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Historical Centre of Riga (HCR).

The building has brick external walls and load-bearing internal walls. The street façade of the building is finished with façade plaster and has various architectural elements – head moldings over windows, festoons under windows, and mouldings between windows. The front of the courtyard is finished with façade plaster. The building has windows of a uniform size and shape in front of the main street façade complemented by balconies with metal railings in front of the courtyard façade.

Works performed within the project: renovation and restoration of the façade.

  • Designer and author supervisor: SIA “ADO birojs”
  • Construction supervision: SIA “ROGA M”
  • Contractor: SIA “D-LUKS BŪVE”
  • Project manager: SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks”

The total project costs comprising the construction work, construction supervision, author supervision, and project management – EUR 48 120.22, including VAT.

Co-financing from Riga City Municipality – EUR 18 583.54

Building before the renovation:


Building after the renovations: