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RNP has received a certificate of a Sustainability Index Silver Rating


To assess the eligibility of the candidates for the award, the experts questioned the candidates about their achievements in different aspects of sustainability. The analysis also included company data and publicly available information on their attitudes towards employees, customers, their contributions to the development of the country, as well as their future plans. The purpose of the assessment is to promote the growth of the company.

The Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool based on an internationally recognised methodology. It helps Latvian companies to rate the sustainability of their performance and level of corporate responsibility. At the same time, it establishes objective criteria for the public, government, and non-governmental organisations to praise and support companies that help strengthen the Latvian economy in the long term. Sustainability Index members demonstrate courage, openness, and commitment to improving their performance. It is these organisations that can not only influence the development of their sector, but also contribute to the sustainability of the country! It should be noted that, just like in sports, reaching the highest ratings of the Sustainability Index is not easy, as evidenced by both the feedback from participating companies and the statistics. However, not impossible. Motivation is important. And it doesn’t hurt to know the answers to the most important questions, as well as the experiences of previous years’ evaluations.

The number of State and local authorities participating in the Sustainability Index assessment is growing rapidly each year as sustainable development of society and the State faces challenges that depend heavily on the cooperation between business and public sectors.

The Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (InCSR) was founded in early 2011 with the aim to strengthen the sustainable development of national and local communities by educating the public, raising their awareness of responsible and forward-looking behaviour, and promoting the development of civil society.