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Implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures for the apartment building at Zemgaļu iela 23A, Riga


On 28 July 2022, the association of apartment owners “Zemgaļu 23A” concluded an agreement with AS “Attīstības finanšu institūcija ALTUM” on the allocation of co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of EUR 248 126.95 for the implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures for the apartment building at Zemgaļu iela 23A, Riga.

The building at Zemgaļu iela 23A, Riga, was put into operation in 1961. The 3-floor residential building has 24 residential properties. Total area (calculated): 1156.72 sqm; total area of apartments: 1098.30 sqm.

The total project cost comprising the construction work, construction supervision, and author supervision amounts to EUR 50 0912.41, including VAT.

Main works to be performed within the project:

  • Façade insulation and new finishing
  • Insulation of foundations and base
  • Insulation of basement flooring
  • Insulation of attic
  • Roof structure renovation and replacement of roofing
  • Cleaning of the ducts of the building’s ventilation system
  • Installation of local ventilation units

The work is expected to be carried out during the construction season of 2022–2023. The Site Acceptance and Handover Deed was signed on 26 July 2022. According to the construction contract concluded on 21 July 2022 with SIA “Revohaus”, the construction period is 40 calendar weeks, and the total construction costs amount to EUR 462 950.84, including VAT.

  • Contracting authority – Association of Apartment Owners “Zemgaļu 23A”
  • Designer: SIA “SILTIE NAMI”
  • Contractor: SIA “Revohaus”
  • Construction supervisor: SIA “PRB Plus”
  • Project manager: SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks”

The energy efficiency improvement measures will provide:

  • Heat energy savings of 87.72 kWh/m2 per year
  • Greenhouse gas reductions of 24.63 CO2 eq.T/year